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High quality and affordable custom imagery for your small business website and marketing collateral


For many small businesses it's essential to visually communicate your products, services, location and team. To communicate effectively and engage your audience you want high quality custom imagery without paying top dollar.


Eric Graham Photography works with your business by shooting on-site to capture to true environment and personality of your business. Take a step up from generic stock imagery without paying for high rate commercial photographers.


Custom imagery is great for:

- Websites 

- Social media channels 

- Marketing collateral and banners

- Newsletters and Blogs

- And hanging in the office


Browse client examples and testimonials... 






CALL: (415) 617-5806




ZazenSF is a botique center for refuge and healing in Cow Hollow offering yoga, massage, acupuncture, meditation, and floatation. They needed high quality custom imagery demonstrating their services while communicating the environment and feel behind their work. The new images will be prominately featured on their new website, currently under development. But here's a sneak preview...

ZazenSF Homepage from Tyler, Nov 20, 2013_web.jpg

"We had an excellent experience with Eric. I would recommend him highly to anyone looking for a photographer. I was impressed by Eric's level of professionalism. He showed an unusual level of care and concern throughout the entire process, from inquiring about our needs, to preparing the shots, to delivering the finished photographs. He worked efficiently and delivered the final photos much quicker than I ever expected. Most importantly, the quality of the photography was excellent. His photos will be the center-piece of our new website."


Tyler, Owner

Riva Letterpress,

Riva Letterpress offers custom letterpress products such as gift cards, tags, letters, and calligraphy. They needed high quality imagery showcasing their products on their website and The images needed to show the texture and true color of their work to accurately convey their products.

Riva Letterpress, Oct 31, 2013.png
Riva Letterpress6, Oct 31, 2013.png
Riva Letterpress4, Oct 31, 2013.png
Riva Letterpress3, Oct 31, 2013.png
Riva Letterpress2, Oct 31, 2013.png
Riva Letterpress7, Oct 31, 2013.png

"Eric really hit the nail on the head with everything I was looking for. I'm starting a letterpress business and needed a professional to take photos of my work to capture the detail I could not. His turn around time and attention to detail would blow most other photographers out of the water.


Elizabeth, Owner

Emmeline Craig, Art Studio & Gallery,

Emmeline is a highly respected artist producing beautiful works of art that soothe the soul. Working out her studio in Bolinas and gallery in Stinson she needed top quality images

showing her work her magic. The photos had to be of equal quality and done with the same attention to detail as the work she produces.

Emmeline Craig Homepage Slideshow 3, Oct 31, 2013.png
Emmeline Craig Homepage Slideshow 2, Oct 31, 2013.png
Emmeline Craig Homepage Slideshow, Oct 31, 2013.png

"[Eric] carries a unique blend of smart openness, friendly mellowness and sharp focus on detail and light. The result blew me away: I positively love the photos and I am delighted to use them for professional purposes.  A wonderful experience all around. I highly recommend Eric as a great professional photographer on all levels."


Emmeline, Owner


(415) 617-5806

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